Tweetup with the A’s

We hosted our inaugural Tweetup last night. It’s like a “meetup” except it’s users (who “tweet”) that follow the official A’s feeds @Athletics and @ticketservices. A special Plaza Level ticket allowed early access to the Eastside Club before the evening’s game where guests were treated to question and answer sessions with A’s players and personalities, hosted by Kara (@karashotcorner), while nibbling on inclusive food and beverages. 


Two of the A’s most savvy social media users, pitchers Gio Gonzalez (@GioGonzalez47) and Brad Ziegler (@bradziegler), sat down with Kara in front of the crowd to answer questions that fans tweeted us before and during the event. A few off-the-cuff highlights from the players… When asked what other position he’d play besides pitcher, Gio said he couldn’t play infield because he doesn’t like wearing a cup. Asked about their uniform choices, Brad doesn’t wear stirrups because it’s too much gold for his taste, to which Gio replied he wants to go with an all gold uniform. Brad was asked and talked about the importance of his foundation Pastime for Patriots


After the player panel, A’s radio voice Vince Controneo (@vincebaseball), Comcast SportNet California on-air personality Kate Longworth (@KLongworthCSN), and the Twitter sensation/wife of the night’s home team starting pitcher Amanda McCarthy (@Mrs_McCarthy32) all sat down with Kara to discuss how Twitter enhances their daily lives. Vince claims he doesn’t know what he’s doing on Twitter, but clearly, as one of the few MLB broadcasters on Twitter, understands how to harness the power of social media. He uses Twitter to interact with fans and stay on top of breaking news around the league. Kate, both a reporter and A’s fan, appreciates the personal viewpoint that Twitter provides fans. She recounted a recent connection she made with an out-of-state A’s fan that coined the term “Fosse Posse” and then attended his first home game in Oakland, where he got to meet Ray Fosse. Twitter provided the platform to make these connections happen. Amanda discussed the thrill of tweeting with people and then coming face-to-face, realizing the person you’re tweeting might be seated right behind you at the ballpark.  


Even Stomper (@Stomper00) rolled through the Tweetup a couple times to visit with fans, assist with the giveaway raffle, and to try and push his Twitter followers over 1,000. By the end of the game he reached his goal!  


Thank you everyone that came out to the A’s first Tweetup. If you attended, we’d love to hear what you thought. Write us in the comments area below so that we can make the next Tweetup even better.


Take a walk down Tweetup memory lane with additional Tweetup with the A’s photos…


  1. Steve Tuck

    It was a great tweetup! I was hedging on whether to go because I live in Sacramento and I’ve already made the 90 minute or so drive so many times as part of my 22-game plan, but I’m glad I decided to attend. Not only was it a lot of fun with a smaller group but I also met several twitter friends that I’ve only seen online. I’ll definitely come out again for the next one. I also won an MC Hammer bobblehead during the raffle. Thank you!

    • ticketservices

      Hi Steve! Thanks for making that drive on a Tuesday evening. We’re pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Tweetup! We hope everyone had a similarly positive experience. Keep tweeting. Go A’s!

  2. Diana Beckham

    Hi! Thank you so much for the Oakland A’s Inaugural Tweetup. I had a great time, and so did my dad, who came with me. I really appreciate all the effort that went into making it such a special event. Thank you to Kara, Brad, Gio, Vince, Amanda and Kate for taking the time to answer our questions and meet with us! We really enjoyed seeing Stomper, too. Thank you for the snacks and drinks. They were really good and a lot more variety than I expected. I really like the idea of having our seats during the game in a special section. My dad and I were commenting that everyone around us seemed really nice and we could tell they are real fans. I’m really looking forward to Tweetup #2!!

    • ticketservices

      Hello Diana! We’re so glad to hear that you enjoyed Tweetup with the A’s. We’re looking forward to Tweetup #2 as well, most likely early 2012 season. Until then, thanks for following @Athletics and @ticketservices!

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