September 2008

AFAC Email: We Got One!

2009 Schedule, Ticket Prices. Hooray!

The Oakland Athletics, and all of Major League Baseball, announced the 2009 Season Schedule today. The Oakland Athletics, uniquely, announced 2009 Ticket Pricing as well. 2009 ticket prices will not increase from 2008 ticket prices.

From the Press Release earlier today: “The Athletics have also announced that ticket pricing will not increase for any section for 2009, and in some sections will decrease….

Season Ticket Holders shouldn’t expect renewal invoices or online renewal capability for a few more weeks, but ticket plan information- and other tidbits- can be found at

How do you feel about the 2009 prices not increasing? Do you like receiving schedule and price info before the end of the season? We hope so. It was a lot of work!

Improving Customer Service

Yesterday afternoon the A’s Ticket Services staff and Box Office Manager traveled into San Francisco for a BAPTA organized event titled “Spirit In Service.” BAPTA is Bay Area Professional Ticketing Association. Numerous venues in the Bay Area are members of BAPTA including symphonies, theater venues, and- among professional sport teams- the A’s, Giants, and Warriors.

The “Spirit In Service” professional development seminar was created and hosted by special guest Holly Stiel. Stiel is a professional speaker and author with 17 years customer service experience as a hotel concierge in San Francisco. Stiel’s enthusiasm and experience were immediately obvious as she engaged the room with anecdotes, reflections, costumes, and activities.

A’s Ticket Operations attempts to provide stellar services to all guests. We hope you agree. A recent survey administered by the A’s Marketing Department revealed that Season Ticket Holders “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” that Ticket Services representatives are courteous, clearly explain plan options, and assist with ticket needs in a timely manner. We believe, though, that we can improve.

We can control our service in Ticket Services. We can control our service on the telephone hotline. We are unable to control results between the foul lines. That makes Stiel’s presentation so important to us. We want to continuously improve our professionalism and improve your experience with us. We hope that you enjoy every experience at the A’s and find it easy and comfortable communicating with A’s Ticket Services.

Comments? Questions? Please let us know. We are here to help. Thanks.

BCA Day Number 10

We are very proud of the Breast Cancer Awareness Day events at the A’s. Special Events and other departments did a terrific job coordinating the recent 10th Anniversary celebration of A’s BCA Days. Perhaps you’d like to see some photos from Saturday, September 13?





(Photos by Travis LoDolce)

Weekend Photos

It was so nice at McAfee Coliseum this weekend that we actually wandered out of the office for a few minutes to check out that “sun” thing everyone’s been talking about. We snapped a few photos of random moments around the field while outside. Take a peek below. Did you snap any ballpark photos this weekend? We’d love to see them.

A fan shows her support for #10 Daric Barton.

Young boys watch pre-game BP on the field.

Bobby Crosby takes a few minutes before the game to sign autographs.

A’s fans watching the “awesome” fireworks show from the field.

Stomper and friend “flip” for the A’s. That’s impressive.

Mr. Pringles throws out the first pitch to Cliff Pennington.

Kurt Suzuki signs autographs and poses for pictures pre-game.

Congratulations Aaron Cunningham. Major League debut. Two hits. And collects two RBIs on this 8th inning single.

Brad Ziegler warms up in the pen.

Thank you to Travis LoDolce for use of these photos.