June 2009

Tweet Tweet Tweedilly-Tweet

“Rockin’ Robin” of a past generation popularized “Tweets.” Nowadays “Tweets” are less about Bobby Day and more about the online social networking site Twitter.com. It’s difficult to avoid the discussion about and references to Twitter. Your kids are probably Tweeting, a mass of celebrities are Tweeting… are you Tweeting? A “Tweet” is a status update on the Twitter.com microbloging site that allows publishing no more than 140 characters per post. Everything from world views to how many times a user blinked in the past minute are posted… just has to be short and sweet. It’s a quick and easy way to stay connected with those you like and/or admire. And why do we write about Twitter in the A’s Ticket Services blog? Because we’ve taken the plunge too!  


Actually, A’s Ticket Services has been active on Twitter for almost a year. Our first post was June 25, 2008. Trend setters anyone? We’ve certainly been more active this season, what with Twitter’s increasing popularity. Our handle is ticketservices and you can find us at twitter.com/ticketservices. On Twitter we hold contests, ask and answer A’s questions, and provide updates on A’s news- mostly from a ticket perspective. The occasional ticket discount offer- or “tweet deals”- pops up too.


There are actually two official Twitter sites for the Oakland A’s. ticketservices and OaklandAs. Each account is updated by a different department at the A’s so you’ll get a different perspective from both. A great place to ask A’s related questions too. Hope you follow. Hope you enjoy. Rock on. Tweet, Tweet, Tweedilly-Tweet!    


Merchandise Savings Get Better

We’re pleased to report that A’s Season Ticket Holders now receive 25% off their merchandise purchases at the Oakland Coliseum. This is an additional 10% savings on the already 15% savings that Season Ticket Holders received prior to this season. Season Ticket Holders must present their Season Ticket Holder ID card in order to receive the discount. Season Ticket Holders may shop at any Team Store location throughout the Coliseum to receive the 25% discount. The Team Shop at Gate D is open for business Tuesday through Thursday 10am-4pm during most of the baseball season when the A’s are on the road.  

Military personnel receive 15% discount off merchandise purchases. Military personnel must show a current Military ID. Guests who travel on the Capital Corridor train must show their train ticket stub. These discounts are available at any Team Store location throughout the Coliseum.

Happy saving!