All Star Break/Reflection

We really can’t believe how far we’ve come in just two years. Our All-Star representative in 2012 was Ryan Cook, who fans were still getting to know. Since then we’ve seen our team grow through trades, acquisitions and player development and our reward is a 1st place team with 7 All-Stars, looking to win our third-straight AL West title.  So the second half of the season begins and as we’re making Postseason preparations in our ticket office, it’s our hope that every fan and Season Ticket Holder come out to every game they can and purchase their Postseason tickets when the time comes. We want that for one simple reason: we want to share the amazing moments that come with pennant race and the Postseason with our fans who have supported the team through thick and thin. This is the biggest season ticket base we’ve ever had and we’re so grateful to all of our Season Ticket Holders for their commitment and investment in the team. Thank you again, and let’s see what this team can do in August, September and October.

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