May 2009

Ticket Services On The Road

A’s Ticket Services gets out of the office on occasion. Sometimes we just need a break. We recently left the safe confines of our own ballpark for some downtime. Where did we end up? CitiField in Queens New York, home of the Mets. What’s the line from The Godfather movies… “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”? Something like that. Baseball has that effect. R&R from work is baseball. Besides, while in New York, and the Mets at home, how could we not swing by the brand new ballpark?

Take a walk through CitiField in photos.


Spring is in the air outside the new ballpark.


A grand ballroom entrance. Tributes to Jackie Robinson are prominent.


A list of levels at CitiField.


The field, the whole field, and nothing but the field.


The top deck ticket office.


The home team Mets celebrate a homerun.


If you’d ever been to Shea Stadium you might remember airplanes flying over. At Citifield planes fly over with no noise distraction.


Goodbye CitiField. Does this subway line stop at Oakland Airport/Coliseum?

(Photos copyright Travis LoDolce)


Librarians Love It

Were you at the Friday, May 8 game where the A’s hosted the Toronto Blue Jays? We experienced a bit of technical difficulty shortly before first pitch. The public address (or “PA”) system ceased its sound. No music, no starting line ups, no who’s at bat. Actually, it was kind of nice. And we’ve heard the same from a lot of people. “Great to hear the crack of the bat,” said one. “Like a game from decades ago,” noted another. Minor League teams will occasionally hold a “Nothing Night.” A very Veeckian idea. Not suggesting we go so far, but what if we held a night with no PA or music? Just scoreboard. Or would the addition of an organist be interesting? If you were at the May 8 game, what did you think the first two innings? Would like to read your thoughts… but not hear them.

June 6 = Jordin Sparks

In case you haven’t noticed, your game ticket on June 6 is double the fun. Former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks will perform a post-game concert on the field. Anyone with a game ticket to the Saturday, June 6 evening game is invited to stay for the concert after the A’s take on the Baltimore Orioles. Visit for more info, but what more do you really need to know besides: GO, STAY, ENJOY!?


Live Dot Racing?

Look what was walking around the A’s offices recently… 


Could this mean live dot racing is in the near future? We’ll have to wait and see.