April 2011

Rickey Henderson Bobblehead Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Rickey Henderson Bobblehead Day! It’s the first Henderson bobblehead issued as a giveaway by the A’s. Some of us in the Ticket Operations Department have worked here a decade or more. We’ve been eagerly anticipating a Rickey Henderson Bobblehead. We think it’s a pretty great bobblehead too. Commemorating Rickey’s career 939th stolen base, where he broke Lou Brock’s previous record, a group of front office employees went through many rounds of photo samples to provide suggestions in order to get the details just right. Curve the right hand fingers a little more. Get the edge to the glasses just right. Put a little more dirt on the front of the jersey. The bobblehead is based off the iconic image of Rickey holding the 939th base aloft on May 1, 1991, snapped by longtime A’s photographer Michael Zagaris.

We think you’re going to enjoy the bobblehead’s final version. Even with 20,000 to give away, courtesy of Kingsford Capital Management might we add, it’s going to be a busy morning so we suggest you arrive early. How early? Early bird gets the bobblehead.

Photo by Michael Zagaris


Photo by Travis LoDolce

It’s Friday

It’s Friday… Friday… Gotta get down on Friday.

Just yesterday, Ticket Services Representative John Austin asked the hypothetical question, “If you’re at a bus stop and you see your friends in the front seat AND back seat of a car, which seat do you chose?” Rebecca Black answers that question by selecting back seat in the middle, which in all my years of riding in cars is the most undesirable seat. In any event, yes it’s Friday. And after a weekend series that stretched into the traditional work week, about half the front office took vacation to enjoy a three-day weekend.

The majority of the Ticket Operations Department is in, however. We’re busy with the important everyday duties like answering mail, email, and phone calls, as well as thinking ahead to the upcoming homestand and beyond. We’re even thinking so far in advance to the July series against Anaheim, which we’re affectionately calling “’80s Weekend.” That’s Saturday, July 16, featuring a Doubleheader (“2 Games, 1 Price”), and Sunday, July 17, MC Hammer Bobblehead Day with staff and fans encouraged to dress like the 1980’s. The Ticket Services phone room has a running list on the wall of potential ‘80s ideas for accessories, hairstyle, and clothing. If only we could spin a triple wheel. A fanny pack with side pony tail and acid wash jeans? That’ll look awful. So yes, please! Ticket Services Representative Andrew Bleaken informs us that he’s working on a mullet right now. Be sure to ask Andrew about his soon-to-be business-up-top, party-on-the-sides hairstyle when you see him in the Ticket Services Office.

Spend a few minutes this Friday afternoon planning your ‘80s Weekend outfit. It’s Halloween come early, and potentially more scary.

Online Ticket Exchanges

Back again for its second season is the ability to return and exchange season tickets online. The A’s Ticket Services Office pioneered this practice last season, and we’ve heard other teams are adopting this feature beginning this season. It’s good to be a trendsetter. 

We make the ticket exchange process as painless as possible for you. The online form fields you complete gives us the information we need to then process your request. If a return, we put the credit back on your account for use later this season. If an exchange, we print and deliver the new tickets. Your original ticket barcode is cancelled for the rest of eternity.   

Read more information at oaklandathletics.com/exchange. Only submit a ticket if you’re serious about returning or exchanging it. No backsies! 

The A’s already offer the best ticket exchange policy in professional sports. While you’re more than welcome to mail tickets or visit us in the Ticket Serivces Office to complete exchanges, we’ve added additional value to your Season Ticket Holder experience with online ticket exchanges.   

Did you ever notice that the A and the S on a keyboard are next to each other? Go As!

Happy Opening Night!

Happy Opening Night A’s Fans!

We begin the 2011 A’s baseball season tonight with a home game against the Seattle Mariners. 7:05pm folks. OK, we’ve noticed that the trend is to say “Happy Opening Day.” But since we play a night game we’re going with the facts.

Looking around the Tickets Sales and Ticket Operations Departments we notice a lot of experienced faces… and graying hair (or receding hair!). A highly educated, work-a-holic bunch of people, our familiarity with each other shows how much we enjoy working in Major League Baseball. It prompted the question: What number A’s Home Opener is this?

The newest of the bunch are Lauren, Andrew, and Faizan, this being each their second Opening Night. Lauren and Andrew, both Ticket Services Representatives, are not short on experience. Lauren previously worked for the San Diego Padres and Andrew for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. Faizan, a burnt orange Texas grad, is our Database Administrator and enjoys the temperate weather of a California Opening Night. John, a Ticket Services Rep, is celebrating the start of his fourth season, but just his third Opening Night. He joined the A’s in May of 2008. If you’re a brand new or long returning Season Ticket Holder there’s no doubt you’ve talked with or met all three of these terrific Ticket Services Reps.

Looking at nearly a half decade are Jason, Premium Seating Services Assistance, and Catherine, Ticket Services Manager, with this being their fourth Opening Night. Over the half decade hump with six Opening Nights are Moti, Premium Seating Services Manager, and Anuj, Ticket Operations Coordinator. Also at six Opening Nights today is Anthony, Box Office Supervisor, who is actually missing the action. We’re sure he’s got his hands full as Anthony’s wife gave birth to a baby girl earlier this week. We’ll give Anthony a pass this year.

The over-a-decade bunch (yikes!) is jam packed. Susie, Brian, David, and Travis are all enjoying their tenth Opening Night today. As Bill King would exclaim, “Holy Toledo!” Susie, Director of Premium Seating Services, met her husband, Matt, at the A’s who he himself is at number seventeen today. Brian, Director of Ticket Sales, made the move from Boston to the Bay Area just over ten years ago and is finally a full-fledged A’s fan. David, Ticket Operations Manager, is officially entering his eleventh season. Travis, Digital Ticketing Operations Manager, remembers that only a few years before he joined the A’s computers were just entering the workplace. How times have changed.

Josh, Director of Ticket Operations, is at Opening Night number eleven today. Straight from the mean dirt roads of farmland Ohio, Josh grew up an A’s fan watching Rickey, Hendu, Mac, and Stew as a kid. But Josh isn’t the department’s longest tenured Opening Night employee. That distinction belongs to Steve, Executive Director of Ticket Sales & Operations. Steve, celebrating his fourteenth Opening Night, predicts continued excellent service to all A’s fans and a winning 2011 season. We all do actually. Some of our best times have been crowded around a small radio in a Box Office listening to King call the “walk off bunt” and jumping up and down with fellow employees waving home Mark Kotsay in Minnesota. It’s the beginning of another baseball season tonight. Play Ball!

Oakland Coliseum the Morning of the 2011 A's Opening Night. -Photo by Travis LoDolce