Rickey Henderson Bobblehead Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Rickey Henderson Bobblehead Day! It’s the first Henderson bobblehead issued as a giveaway by the A’s. Some of us in the Ticket Operations Department have worked here a decade or more. We’ve been eagerly anticipating a Rickey Henderson Bobblehead. We think it’s a pretty great bobblehead too. Commemorating Rickey’s career 939th stolen base, where he broke Lou Brock’s previous record, a group of front office employees went through many rounds of photo samples to provide suggestions in order to get the details just right. Curve the right hand fingers a little more. Get the edge to the glasses just right. Put a little more dirt on the front of the jersey. The bobblehead is based off the iconic image of Rickey holding the 939th base aloft on May 1, 1991, snapped by longtime A’s photographer Michael Zagaris.

We think you’re going to enjoy the bobblehead’s final version. Even with 20,000 to give away, courtesy of Kingsford Capital Management might we add, it’s going to be a busy morning so we suggest you arrive early. How early? Early bird gets the bobblehead.

Photo by Michael Zagaris


Photo by Travis LoDolce

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