June 2010

A Groovy Time on ’70s Night

Walking into Ticket Services on Saturday, June 26, some of our Season Ticket Holders rubbed their eyes. “Did we just walk into a time machine?,” some thought. Not quite… but how cool would that be?! It was 1970s Turn-Back-The-Clock Night at The Coliseum. The entire game featured a ’70s theme – ballpark music, stick-on mustaches, a Joe Rudi jersey giveaway, a pregame ceremony honoring the A’s 1970s World Series Championship teams, and the amazing bright yellow uni’s worn by your Oakland Athletics. The night gave some of our fans the opportunity to dust off those boxes in the attic to see if they still fit into their old disco shirts and bellbottoms. Even your favorite Ticket Services Representatives joined in on the fun by dressing up. Can you guess who we were? Think: “Where it’s fun to stay.” Here’s a picture if you missed out on the far out fun and excitement: 



Meaningful Day: Talkin’ Draft and Angels Series

Garfield hates Mondays. What’s he care? He doesn’t work. Not like the A’s work, particularly on this Monday. In just a few hours the A’s will draft number 10 overall in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft. All of the A’s organizational scouts collect in a “war room” to share months if not years of work, recommendations, and experience. Of course, the discussions are done – can’t do homework on the day of the final exam. It’ll be exciting to watch the A’s select baseball players over the next three days. Although different than other sports where athletes usually move straight to the major team, the MLB draft can be likened to a college recruiting class. Terrific athletes, some seasoning needed, and enjoy watching them grow into full fledged talents. Hitting a big league fastball is often said to be “the hardest thing to do in sports.” It’s not much easier to hit or throw a curve ball either.

Just a couple hours after the A’s pick 10th, the Angels and A’s will matchup at the Oakland Coliseum for the first of four games (Monday-Wednesday @ 7:05pm, Thursday @ 12:35pm). As we write, the Texas Rangers are first in the AL West Division with the Angels and A’s a half and full game back, respectively. That means, a loss by Texas and an A’s win can pull the A’s into a first place tie with Texas tonight. This series can mean a lot. You’re certainly encouraged to don green and gold and cheer often for the home club the next four days.     

By-the-way, when you purchase any A’s ticket online at oaklandathletics.com you’ll be offered the opportunity to purchase tickets from Dallas Braden’s Perfect Game masterpiece on May 9, 2010. Tickets are $10 each in your choice of section. Just a little keepsake for any baseball fan.