May 2012

Ticket Services Wall of Fame

Check out our photos we put up! We’ve had some fun over the years with the different theme days. Clockwise from top-left: the entire Ticket Services crew on ’70s Turn-Back-The-Clock Day, Ticket Services doing the YMCA, everyone on ’80s Turn-Back-The-Clock Day and the Ticket Operations department at our company softball game.

Sunday, July 8th vs. Seattle marks our Turn-Back-The-Clock Day this year. We’re taking a trip back to the 1950s but need your help with costume ideas! What are some good looks and styles unique to that era? Should we dress as T-Birds and Pink Ladies? Or dress like we’re right out of ‘American Graffiti’? Please comment below with your ideas!

Finally! A’s Win in San Francisco











It had been 11 games since the A’s won at AT&T Park. It feels good to get that off our back! (By the way, the Giants haven’t won at the Coliseum since June of 2009). A’s fans would have wanted the sweep but Friday’s game slipped away just beyond an incredible comeback and Ryan Vogelsang was in top form on Saturday. We’ll look forward to extending the Giants’ losing streak at the Coliseum when they visit June 22-24. Tonight marks Albert Pujols’ first game at the Coliseum in a dreaded Angels’ uniform and the Yankees make their first visit this weekend. The A’s are playing good ball and need your support! For tickets this week, click HERE.