October 2009

Turn Back The Clock… Again

Reflecting on the 2009 season we recalled that we forgot to post the Turn Back The Clock photos from Sunday, August 16. You made it out, right? Good. So you remember the 1929 uniforms the A’s and White Stockings donned? You even picked up your own giveaway replica A’s 1929 jersey and you’re wearing it right now? Sweet! We had a laugh over the nicknames given to players on Diamond Vision, the old mic that Dick Callahan used to introduce players from behind home plate, and the many fans and employees that got into the action of partying like it’s 1929 (pre-Depression).    



The band played. We danced the Charleston.  



The Ticket Services Office enjoys the game.  


A Season Ticket Holder, dressed to impress, visits the Ticket Services Office.



The grounds crew drags the field in 1929 shirts and hats.



The Philadelphia Athletics are World Series Champions, deafeating the Chicago Cubs.



Ticket Services gets in on the act.  



Now what the heck is an “Internet”?!?!



(Photos copyright Travis LoDolce)  

October 3 Season Ticket Holder Event


01ab Suzuki thank you.jpg

If you are an A’s Season Ticket Holder, and if you’re not you should be, you probably attended the Saturday, October 3 post-game event at the Coliseum. The feedback we’ve received is that it was a smashing success. In case you missed it, all Season Ticket Holders were invited onto the field after the A’s game, where the ballplayers walked the circumference of the field to shake hands and give out “thank you” buttons. After the time on the field, fans visited the East Side Club. Robert Buan hosted the “Extra Innings” radio show with special guests Andrew Bailey, Ray Fosse, and Ken Korach. They talked A’s baseball and, along with Senior Director of Ticket Operations Steve Fanelli and Vice President of Sale & Marketing Jim Leahey, held a live raffle for autographed and game used items. Promotional items from the season were handed out to everyone. Complimentary food and drinks were provided as well.

As mentioned, the positive response we’ve received is tremendous. We were happy to create an event that highlighted our appreciation of Season Ticket Holders. We’re not only grateful for the response from A’s fans, but also for the cooperation of all A’s staff. It was a full team effort to host this event. The A’s organization hopes all Season Ticket Holders know how much we appreciate their continued support of the ball club. 

If you have any photos or stories from October 3 we’d love to see or read. Feel free to share in the comments section. A few photos we snapped are below. Thanks again to all that attended and were involved in the October 3 event. We’re already looking forward to 2010! 

1b Davis.jpg
Outfielder Rajai Davis greets Season Ticket Holders with hand shakes and high fives. 

2 Gallego.jpg
Third base coach and former A’s second baseman Mike Gallego shakes hands with a young fan. 

3 Geren.jpg
Manager Bob Geren gives a high five. 

4 Stomper.jpg
Stomper gets some autograph requests. 

5 Kara.jpg
In-game host Kara Tsuboi autographs a baseball for a young fan. 

6 Diamond Vision.jpg
Diamond Vision features Season Ticket Holders and a thank you message. 

7 Powell.jpg
Catcher Landon Powell thanks fans for their support. 

8 Suzuki.jpg
Catcher Kurt Suzuki thanks A’s Season Ticket Holders. 

9 East Side Club.jpg
In the East Side Club, Ken Korach, Robert Buan, Andrew Bailey, and Ray Fosse face the crowd and discuss A’s baseball on the “Extra Innings” radio show. 

(Photos copyright Travis LoDolce) 

Candy Gram

In the search to squelch a sweet tooth today, Ticket Services went digging into the recesses of the office in hopes of a hidden gem. We’re out of M&M’s. Gone are the Baby Ruths. No more Snickers to satisfy. What we found was a brick of 36 count individually wrapped 2.25 ounce “candy bars,” of which we’ll protect the name (hint: It shares its name with a semi-popular song and dance of the mid-1990s). Not quite chocolate, not really tasty, we wondered who would buy such a large quantity in a big box store or even one in a convenience store. We decided to taste test. We sliced the log into more manageable sample sizes and commenced chewing. While savoring the flavor we each identified three words to describe the experience of this candy.


We hope you enjoy as much as more than we did.   


Sticky. Chewy. Chocolate-ish. Difficult. Verp. Unpleasant. My teeth hurt. Stretchy. Choking hazard. Horrible. Synthetic chocolate substitute. Inedible. Fake chocolate. Worthless. Wax tasting. “Candy.”


And finally… Hard to chew. However, this gentleman ate a full log by himself within minutes.