Turn Back The Clock… Again

Reflecting on the 2009 season we recalled that we forgot to post the Turn Back The Clock photos from Sunday, August 16. You made it out, right? Good. So you remember the 1929 uniforms the A’s and White Stockings donned? You even picked up your own giveaway replica A’s 1929 jersey and you’re wearing it right now? Sweet! We had a laugh over the nicknames given to players on Diamond Vision, the old mic that Dick Callahan used to introduce players from behind home plate, and the many fans and employees that got into the action of partying like it’s 1929 (pre-Depression).    



The band played. We danced the Charleston.  



The Ticket Services Office enjoys the game.  


A Season Ticket Holder, dressed to impress, visits the Ticket Services Office.



The grounds crew drags the field in 1929 shirts and hats.



The Philadelphia Athletics are World Series Champions, deafeating the Chicago Cubs.



Ticket Services gets in on the act.  



Now what the heck is an “Internet”?!?!



(Photos copyright Travis LoDolce)  

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