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Bell Biv DeVoe Tossing Ceremonial First Pitches on May 29

The Ticket Operations Department has a line drawn through it. People under 30-years-old and people 30-and-over. Those in the former aren’t familiar with Bell Biv DeVoe. Those in the latter are coming to work on their off day to see the first pitch. BBD, members of New Edition (also featuring Bobby Brown plus others), hit makers of such New Jack Swing hits “Poison” and “Gangsta,” are scheduled to throw out the ceremonial first pitches on Sunday, May 29 before the A’s host the Baltimore Orioles.   

Younger colleagues understood the fascination a little better when it was revealed that Michael “Biv” Bivins found and produced the chart-topping foursome Boys II Men. In the song “Motown Philly” Michael Bivins has two speaking interludes and all three BBD members appear in the video as part of the East Coast Family. “BBD” is even mentioned a few times in the song.

So now, our slightly younger friends, are you excited for Bell Biv DeVoe tossing the ceremonial first pitches on Sunday, May 29? The 30-and-over crowd couldn’t be more so. See you at the Coliseum about 12:45 p.m. on Sunday!

Turn Back The Clock… Again

Reflecting on the 2009 season we recalled that we forgot to post the Turn Back The Clock photos from Sunday, August 16. You made it out, right? Good. So you remember the 1929 uniforms the A’s and White Stockings donned? You even picked up your own giveaway replica A’s 1929 jersey and you’re wearing it right now? Sweet! We had a laugh over the nicknames given to players on Diamond Vision, the old mic that Dick Callahan used to introduce players from behind home plate, and the many fans and employees that got into the action of partying like it’s 1929 (pre-Depression).    



The band played. We danced the Charleston.  



The Ticket Services Office enjoys the game.  


A Season Ticket Holder, dressed to impress, visits the Ticket Services Office.



The grounds crew drags the field in 1929 shirts and hats.



The Philadelphia Athletics are World Series Champions, deafeating the Chicago Cubs.



Ticket Services gets in on the act.  



Now what the heck is an “Internet”?!?!



(Photos copyright Travis LoDolce)  

Librarians Love It

Were you at the Friday, May 8 game where the A’s hosted the Toronto Blue Jays? We experienced a bit of technical difficulty shortly before first pitch. The public address (or “PA”) system ceased its sound. No music, no starting line ups, no who’s at bat. Actually, it was kind of nice. And we’ve heard the same from a lot of people. “Great to hear the crack of the bat,” said one. “Like a game from decades ago,” noted another. Minor League teams will occasionally hold a “Nothing Night.” A very Veeckian idea. Not suggesting we go so far, but what if we held a night with no PA or music? Just scoreboard. Or would the addition of an organist be interesting? If you were at the May 8 game, what did you think the first two innings? Would like to read your thoughts… but not hear them.

“Totally 80’s” Fireworks Playlist

We’ve received numerous emails and phone calls regarding the July 11 post-game fireworks “Totally 80’s” playlist. If you heard and had questions or if you missed entirely, here is the track list below…




Friday, July 11th, 2008 


Songs                                                   Artist                                 

Juke Box Hero                                     Foreigner                    

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)       Eurythmics

Walk like an Egyptian                           The Bangles

America                                               Neil Diamond

Heartbreaker                                        Pat Benetar

Beat It                                                  Michael Jackson

Sweet Child O’Mine                            Guns N’ Roses                                                         


Special thanks to Jenna Zito, Special Events Assistant, for song selection and use of her playlist. The next fireworks event is Saturday, August 30. The theme: Duets.