Librarians Love It

Were you at the Friday, May 8 game where the A’s hosted the Toronto Blue Jays? We experienced a bit of technical difficulty shortly before first pitch. The public address (or “PA”) system ceased its sound. No music, no starting line ups, no who’s at bat. Actually, it was kind of nice. And we’ve heard the same from a lot of people. “Great to hear the crack of the bat,” said one. “Like a game from decades ago,” noted another. Minor League teams will occasionally hold a “Nothing Night.” A very Veeckian idea. Not suggesting we go so far, but what if we held a night with no PA or music? Just scoreboard. Or would the addition of an organist be interesting? If you were at the May 8 game, what did you think the first two innings? Would like to read your thoughts… but not hear them.

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