Candy Gram

In the search to squelch a sweet tooth today, Ticket Services went digging into the recesses of the office in hopes of a hidden gem. We’re out of M&M’s. Gone are the Baby Ruths. No more Snickers to satisfy. What we found was a brick of 36 count individually wrapped 2.25 ounce “candy bars,” of which we’ll protect the name (hint: It shares its name with a semi-popular song and dance of the mid-1990s). Not quite chocolate, not really tasty, we wondered who would buy such a large quantity in a big box store or even one in a convenience store. We decided to taste test. We sliced the log into more manageable sample sizes and commenced chewing. While savoring the flavor we each identified three words to describe the experience of this candy.


We hope you enjoy as much as more than we did.   


Sticky. Chewy. Chocolate-ish. Difficult. Verp. Unpleasant. My teeth hurt. Stretchy. Choking hazard. Horrible. Synthetic chocolate substitute. Inedible. Fake chocolate. Worthless. Wax tasting. “Candy.”


And finally… Hard to chew. However, this gentleman ate a full log by himself within minutes.  



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