It’s Friday

It’s Friday… Friday… Gotta get down on Friday.

Just yesterday, Ticket Services Representative John Austin asked the hypothetical question, “If you’re at a bus stop and you see your friends in the front seat AND back seat of a car, which seat do you chose?” Rebecca Black answers that question by selecting back seat in the middle, which in all my years of riding in cars is the most undesirable seat. In any event, yes it’s Friday. And after a weekend series that stretched into the traditional work week, about half the front office took vacation to enjoy a three-day weekend.

The majority of the Ticket Operations Department is in, however. We’re busy with the important everyday duties like answering mail, email, and phone calls, as well as thinking ahead to the upcoming homestand and beyond. We’re even thinking so far in advance to the July series against Anaheim, which we’re affectionately calling “’80s Weekend.” That’s Saturday, July 16, featuring a Doubleheader (“2 Games, 1 Price”), and Sunday, July 17, MC Hammer Bobblehead Day with staff and fans encouraged to dress like the 1980’s. The Ticket Services phone room has a running list on the wall of potential ‘80s ideas for accessories, hairstyle, and clothing. If only we could spin a triple wheel. A fanny pack with side pony tail and acid wash jeans? That’ll look awful. So yes, please! Ticket Services Representative Andrew Bleaken informs us that he’s working on a mullet right now. Be sure to ask Andrew about his soon-to-be business-up-top, party-on-the-sides hairstyle when you see him in the Ticket Services Office.

Spend a few minutes this Friday afternoon planning your ‘80s Weekend outfit. It’s Halloween come early, and potentially more scary.

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