Sweet Tooth….

Our 6 game homestand has come to an end and the ticket office is going through withdrawal.  Connie the Cookie Lady brought in super-charged Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies on Friday night and one of our favorite season ticket holders Gene brought in that little pink box of treats on Saturday.  Come Monday when the team is out of town we typically detox but today’s been harder than usual.  Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve played better over the recent years, maybe it’s because we are getting a few calls today about Saturday’s game time change.  MAYBE it’s because we sold out of the Ziggy tickets for August 29th. 

Anyway, to satisfy that crave in a virtual way, we logged on to Bullpen Betty’s blog and checked out those Ziggy Zig Zag Brownies….Do they look amazing or what!  A few minutes of dreaming about them, as well as a tootsie roll pop that Ray Fosse brought up for the crew before he left for Detroit seemed to have done the trick.  Ray knows that the Ticket Office rarely takes a day off so he makes it a point to bring a box of Tootsie Roll pops up to the office once in awhile before he departs on a long road trip. 

 Enough about sweets, we have two homestands left and included on those homestands are 2 fireworks shows, a jersey giveaway (which based on the line around the stadium this past Saturday for the Hendu jersey, may be our most popular item), Cust bobblehead, Backpack, and our final $2 Wednesday against the Angels.  Not bad for 2 homestands.  We’ll be busy until the end this season. 



  1. ticketservices

    Why has the name Betty become synonymous with baking? Don’t answer that. Our apologies Bullpen Baker, you are indeed the one who makes the best virtual brownies.

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