2009 Schedule, Ticket Prices. Hooray!

The Oakland Athletics, and all of Major League Baseball, announced the 2009 Season Schedule today. The Oakland Athletics, uniquely, announced 2009 Ticket Pricing as well. 2009 ticket prices will not increase from 2008 ticket prices. 

From the Press Release earlier today: “The Athletics have also announced that ticket pricing will not increase for any section for 2009, and in some sections will decrease….

Season Ticket Holders shouldn’t expect renewal invoices or online renewal capability for a few more weeks, but ticket plan information- and other tidbits- can be found at www.oaklandathletics.com/2009

How do you feel about the 2009 prices not increasing? Do you like receiving schedule and price info before the end of the season? We hope so. It was a lot of work! 


  1. steveinsac

    Not only was I pleased to see prices not increasing, but some of them were reduced too (if I read it correctly)! Not to slam anyone, but there really would have been no justification to raise prices unless giveaways were going to include new laptops or LCD tvs 🙂
    I’m glad the schedule was released early because it’s never too early to start planning road trips next season.
    Thank you ATS!

    • ticketservices

      Thanks steveinsac. You did read correctly. 2008 ticket prices will not increase for 2009 and the slight section alterations will reduce prices in a few areas.

      And thanks for the laugh about the giveaways. We wish!

      Speaking of stellar promotions, what do fans prefer? This is open for anyone to answer. Do you love fireworks best? Fleece blanket? How did you like the jerseys this season? The jerseys seemed very popular. Is there a specific player or type of promotional jersey you desire most? Bobblehead? Anything you don’t care to receive? Anything new that you’d love that we don’t offer?

  2. steveinsac

    My experience with jersey day was a few years ago on Dennis Eckersley day. We got there about 90 minutes early and the jerseys were already gone. They line up way earlier for jerseys than bobbleheads that is for sure. Any chance those stadium bags will be back? I missed out on the ones from 04 and 05. They were bigger than the handbags from a year or 2 ago. Bobbleheads are nice but the sad thing is the player typically not on the team the very next year. So far so good for 2008 with Cust, Buck, and Suzuki still around.

  3. ticketservices

    The five promotional jerseys to fans during the 2008 season proved very popular. Great quality in 2008 too.

    Any promotional handbags will be a little smaller than those provided a number of years ago. We do our best to ensure the bags will fit within the MLB guideliness for entrance into the ballpark. We’d be silly to produce an A’s bag that cannot be brought to another game.

    Just a question… If you could pick one A’s player- past or present- to be made into a bobblehead, who would you choose?

  4. scott@groovyts.com

    Brad Ziegler would be a cool 2009 bobblehead – dropped down & tossing from the side – possibly made to commemorate the Major League record he set in 2008 for most consecutive innings without giving up an earned run to start a career. *Maybe 3913 of the bobbles could be Black Jersey Variants? (In reference to him tossing 39 1/3 scoreless innings) Okay, that idea may be reaching, but “Ziggy” still gets my vote for “Most likely to be immortalized in Polyresin in 2009

    If we went old school – how about a Jim “Mudcat” Grant bobblehead? Although he had a much longer tenure with the Twins & Indians – his best mutton chops were being adorned while with the A’s! Make for a wicked bobble head! 🙂

  5. cu73

    Yes, I definitely appreciate holding the line on prices. It would be even better for the A’s to make a commitment to hold them as long as they stay in the Colliseum – that would be a real commitment to the fans. I won’t start on the whole Fremont thing 🙂

    On promotions – one of the one’s I really liked was the gym bag/duffle bag promo items you had up until a year or 2 ago. They’re really useful for carrying stuff to games, and my old ones are starting to wear out. Fleece blankets are nice, maybe fleece vests in time for some of the early/late season night games (e.g. fireworks nights in Sept.).

    I’d also like to see some sort of plan where promo items are reserved for season ticket holders so we don’t have to get there so early on hot promo days – maybe a separate pickup area behind 120 for season ticket holders, or even at the entrances – that would be a GREAT benefit.

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