New Ticket Employees: Buck, Eveland, Sweeney

Late last week A’s Ticket Services received a visit from three faces more familiar with the field than the phones. A’s outfielders Travis Buck and Ryan Sweeney and pitcher Dana Eveland dropped by to call A’s Season Ticket Holders.

The guys were great! Full of smiles and good nature they called out to ticket holders and thanked them for being fans. Dana Eveland was especially joyous upon renewing a Season Ticket plan. We’ll keep a seat warm for Eveland once he’s completed his 20 year career as an A’s starting pitcher.

A big “thank you” to the players for helping us with our efforts. Check out the photos below to see the guys in action.


(Photos copyright Travis LoDolce)


  1. steveinsac

    Hi ATS,
    I know my comments are not related to the message above but I just wanted to ask what happened to the Promo schedule? I am completely bummed about the weak giveaways this year. You guys did not help me out with my budgeting for A’s tickets this season, so it’s looking like we’ll be at 2, maybe 3, games this season. On the bright side for me at least, I’ll be saving hundreds of miles on my car considering it’s 100 miles one way to the Coliseum.
    If there are some good player appearances then maybe I can work in a game on those days.
    By the way, will there be a Smart Circle offer this season for A’s tickets?

  2. ticketservices

    Hi prospects,

    It’s a thrill for us too! Seriously though, this the second time in a few years that players made phone calls to Season Ticket Holders. It’s a terrific experience for all involved, including the players.

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