Practice Makes Perfect

The A’s are on the field stretching, hitting, and fielding. Robert Buan is in the outfield interviewing players. Ken Korach in foul territory with coaches. Tsuboi in the stands with fans. A good day to relax and enjoy.

Met a fan named Tom who flew in from Atlanta for this event. A previous Bay Area resident he and his now college age son began coming to games in the late 1990s. Now reitred in Atlanta he follows the team on television with occasional trips to see the team on the road and here in Oakland. Bought his daughter an Eric Chavez jersey so she can sport it throughout the southern USA.

A question for the fans, which new player do you think will make the biggest impact on the team this season? Will it be a hitter like Holliday, Nomar, Cabrera or our old friend Giambi? Could it be a pitcher like rookies Brett Anderson or Trevor Cahill? Would love to hear your thoughts?

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