The Saltine Challenge

Ticket Services Representative Adam has been claiming for months that “The Saltine Challenge” is impossible. He spelled it out as seven crackers in one mouth at the same time. No water to help swallow. To begin Early Bird Deadline week Catherine sat snacking on some saltines. Travis had to take the challenge. Under the watchful eyes of the office, and fair officiating by Adam, Travis shoved seven stacked crackers into his month- Scooby Doo style- and proceeded to munch. “Like eating sawdust,” he wrote on a post-it note while unable to speak. In about 75 seconds he was in the clear. A high-five and an inflated sense of self worth later, Travis got back to work with a big bottle of water. Moti, visiting from Premium Seating down the hall, missed the challenge. “Let me know if you do it again,” said Moti. Travis isn’t so sure he’ll be trying that challenge again anytime soon.


*Note: A quick online search revealed that “The Saltine Challenge” is actually eating six of the crackers in 60 seconds without liquid. A bit different from the completed challenge. Says A’s Ticket Services, “Bring it on.”      

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