Ball! Almost. The man in the photo has been working on the pitching mound at Phoenix Municipal Stadium almost nonstop the past two days. phxpitchingmound.JPG

The offseason is rounding third. Spring Training and the Major League Baseball season are almost here. The A’s signed All-Star pitcher Ben Sheets today, who will soon be pitching off this very mound. Exciting times for baseball fans. If you haven’t renewed your season ticket plan, especially your Fielder’s Choice plan, now is the perfect time. Individual game ticket sales commence this coming Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Renewing right now ensures your games of choice will be seated before the general public can purchase seats online at, phones at (877) 493-2255, and the A’s Coliseum Box Office. Visit to renew and select your 22-game Fielder’s Choice plan. 

OK, now… Play Ball! 

One comment

  1. gotgreen23

    hi! love the updates from you guys about the different events!

    do you guys have part time positions? i would love to work for the A’s promo team or ticket services!

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