Our Field Is Ready! Play Ball!

With Opening Night almost two months away, our stadium crew is finishing up a couple touch-ups to our field before we get the season started. Here’s a list of changes:

  • Rolling hills in foul territory on each side of the field; making it more difficult to catch those foul ball pop-ups.
  • Giant dirt hills up the middle, making double plays virtually impossible.
  • Leaving an unmanned tractor in left field, just to mix it up.
  • Completely removing the center field wall, putting the big green wall in play. This means home runs to center field must fly 513 feet.

Just kidding! The Coliseum is hosting a supercross event soon. But wouldn’t it be fun to watch a baseball game on this field?

One comment

  1. Dylan

    I’m just curious. Have you ever met Billy Beane and if you have what is he like? Oh and my third cousin is Storm Davis from the 1989 World Championship team. Thanks and good luck in 2012. But………..GO RANGERS!

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