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A Message About The Blog

As the team on the field continues to evolve and put the pieces into place for what we hope will ultimately lead to multiple championships in the near future, the Ticket Services Office is also redefining ourselves in order to better serve our valued fans. To provide our most loyal customers with the experiences they truly desire we have set up a Ticket Services Blog. The Blog is designed to streamline communication between the Ticket Staff and fans. We will post topics, respond to questions, listen to feedback, and address comments about the complete gameday experience. We will utilize fan feedback in order to better serve you while at the ballpark. A transparent Ticket Services Office not only benefits fans, but also helps our office better cater to your changing needs.

Another benefit of the Blog is that you will be given the opportunity to learn more about why certain decisions are made and whom the individuals are that service you in the Ticket Office. We have developed personal relationships with many of you over the years and treasure those interactions with our fans and “friends.” We would love the opportunity to get to know even more of our season ticket holders in that same personal fashion. It is our organizational philosophy that in order to make Oakland A’s Baseball the best experience, we need to keep many lines of communication open. This is “Our Team” and together we can make the Oakland A’s gameday experience a memorable one.

If you are not quite ready to join us on the Blog, please remember that we would love to speak with you by phone, in person at the Ticket Services Office, through e-mail, and will continue to read your letters in the mail. We look forward to growing our relationship and providing you, the fan, with value and excitement for your entertainment dollar. Thank you for your support.


Steve Fanelli
Senior Director of Ticket Operations