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Moneyball Single Game Ticket Offer

The buzz about the feature film “Moneyball” is ramping up. Opening Friday, September 23, the film, based on the Michael Lewis book of the same name, highlights the A’s 2002 season. As least that’s the way it seems. If any of you attended the casting calls for crowd scenes last year, you will recall that most of the on-field filming centered around the 20th win of “The Streak.”

To highlight the release of the film, starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane (did we forget to mention BRAD PITT?), members of the Ticket Operations Department worked across multiple companies to construct a unique ticket offer. Buy a Field Level ticket for Sunday, September 18 and receive a movie pass to see “Moneyball.” Online purchase is required using coupon code MONEYBALL. The movie passes, supplied by Hollywood Movie Money, will be available for use at more than 30 movie theaters throughout the Bay Area. Exact theaters will be determined, and searchable on Hollywood Movie Money using code 38340, once the film is released.

While we have to attach movie passes to game tickets, meaning we can’t hand out movie passes to all fans, a whole slew of fans can take home a piece of the “Moneyball” action on September 18. 10,000 fans, upon entering the ballpark that day, will receive a “Moneyball” t-shirt, presented by Pepsi Max. 

If you have questions about the ticket offer, post a comment below.

A’s & JibJab Take You Out To The Ball Game

JibJab and Major League Baseball have teamed up to create an animated video for “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” Teams were approached months ago about the concept and were able to provide feedback. The final result turned out great. You should know that the A’s really pushed for white cleats in our video. Don’t let the black shoes dampen your viewing experience.   

First check out our Ticket Services video, featuring Andrew, Catherine, John, Josh, and Lauren. Then create a video of your own with your friends, family, and co-workers. You can even post your link in the comments section below. We promise to watch it.    

Michael Jackson Themed Fireworks Playlist

We were asked on the @ticketservices Twitter feed for the playlist from the Saturday, May 28 Michael Jackson themed fireworks show. Our pleasure to supply.  

Wanna Be Startin’ Something

Billie Jean

The Way You Make Me Feel

Black or White 

Man in the Mirror

PYT (Pretty Young Thing)

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough


This photo was taken from the third deck on a tripod. The photographer was dancing during the photo shoot.

Bell Biv DeVoe Tossing Ceremonial First Pitches on May 29

The Ticket Operations Department has a line drawn through it. People under 30-years-old and people 30-and-over. Those in the former aren’t familiar with Bell Biv DeVoe. Those in the latter are coming to work on their off day to see the first pitch. BBD, members of New Edition (also featuring Bobby Brown plus others), hit makers of such New Jack Swing hits “Poison” and “Gangsta,” are scheduled to throw out the ceremonial first pitches on Sunday, May 29 before the A’s host the Baltimore Orioles.   

Younger colleagues understood the fascination a little better when it was revealed that Michael “Biv” Bivins found and produced the chart-topping foursome Boys II Men. In the song “Motown Philly” Michael Bivins has two speaking interludes and all three BBD members appear in the video as part of the East Coast Family. “BBD” is even mentioned a few times in the song.

So now, our slightly younger friends, are you excited for Bell Biv DeVoe tossing the ceremonial first pitches on Sunday, May 29? The 30-and-over crowd couldn’t be more so. See you at the Coliseum about 12:45 p.m. on Sunday!

The Burger Shack Opens Tonight

The Burger Shack opens tonight at the Oakland Coliseum. The establishment is located on the first level concourse behind Section 132. A lunchtime sampling of the menu by ticket sales and services employees put nothing but smiles on people’s faces. Cheeseburgers, French Fries, and Texas Grilled Cheese sandwiches stuffed those smiling faces. The Burger Shack will be open at tonight’s game and throughout the season. Tell them Ticket Services sent you. That won’t get you anything special, but it’ll be fun to say regardless.    

Gates open at 5:35 p.m. tonight.

First pitch is 7:05 p.m. vs. the Burgermore Baltimore Orioles

Twitter Updates

While those of us in the Ticket Operations Department are most fond of the @ticketservices Twitter handle – your official Oakland A’s Twitter feed for ticket information – the A’s have a few other official Twitter feeds, most notably @Athletics and @OaklandAs. This week you may notice a gravitation toward @Athletics and away from @OaklandAs. We’ve done this for two main reasons. First, Major League Baseball created @Athletics as an RSS feed a couple years ago, providing news updates on the Oakland A’s. @OaklandAs was also created a couple years ago as a more personalized form of communication. Some news, some giveaways, mostly general communication with fans. The hash tag “Athletics” (ie: #Athletics) is far and away more popular than #OaklandAs (apostrophes just don’t work well with Twitter hash tags). The second reason for the switch was fan confusion. Both @Athletics and @OaklandAs were deemed the “official” Twitter handle of the Oakland A’s. But @Athletics got more publication recognition because it falls in line with the rest of club handles (ie: @Angels, @Mariners, @Rangers, etc). @DodgertownUSA is doing the same by switching to @Dodgers. For these reasons we decided to make the switch to just one all encompassing main handle: @Athletics. That’s not to say that @ticketservices is going anywhere. It’s the granddaddy of all A’s front office Twitter feeds, celebrating the third anniversary of its first tweet on June 25. So follow us on Twitter. And check out more Tweeters to follow, including many Oakland A’s players, at

A’s Emails: New and Improved

Are you signed up to receive A’s emails? If you have been for a while you might have noticed some changes this season. And if you’re not signed up, get on board and check out what you’re missing.

In past seasons, the Monday email was titled Ticket Guide and the look was a little different. This season, the Ticket Weekly: Your Official Source for Athletics Tickets is more simple, contains less clutter, and is a handy tool for upcoming games, series, ticket offers, and special discounts.

The most notable changes to A’s email, however, is The Trumpet. Formally A’s Fastball, we renamed the bi-weekly email, sent shortly before each homestand, to something that was more relevant to the A’s. We went through many rounds of potential titles. Some were OK, some just awful. When “The Trumpet” was suggested it was easily the best choice without having any negative connotations (“The Trunk” comes to mind). Elephants “trumpet” when they speak and to trumpet something is to announce or call attention. Perfect. Our elephant logo and mascot tied in with the name of our newsletter was solidified. And in the process of the name change, we’ve also tried to make the text within The Trumpet less business, more jovial. The lead area is a short form editorial on what’s happening or coming soon. The blurbs about ticket offers or player appearances are often meant to be witty (but not always, we know). Check out a recent edition of The Trumpet on a webpage.

All fans can sign up for The Trumpet and other A’s emails at We’d love to bombard you with information!  

Rickey Henderson Bobblehead Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Rickey Henderson Bobblehead Day! It’s the first Henderson bobblehead issued as a giveaway by the A’s. Some of us in the Ticket Operations Department have worked here a decade or more. We’ve been eagerly anticipating a Rickey Henderson Bobblehead. We think it’s a pretty great bobblehead too. Commemorating Rickey’s career 939th stolen base, where he broke Lou Brock’s previous record, a group of front office employees went through many rounds of photo samples to provide suggestions in order to get the details just right. Curve the right hand fingers a little more. Get the edge to the glasses just right. Put a little more dirt on the front of the jersey. The bobblehead is based off the iconic image of Rickey holding the 939th base aloft on May 1, 1991, snapped by longtime A’s photographer Michael Zagaris.

We think you’re going to enjoy the bobblehead’s final version. Even with 20,000 to give away, courtesy of Kingsford Capital Management might we add, it’s going to be a busy morning so we suggest you arrive early. How early? Early bird gets the bobblehead.

Photo by Michael Zagaris


Photo by Travis LoDolce

It’s Friday

It’s Friday… Friday… Gotta get down on Friday.

Just yesterday, Ticket Services Representative John Austin asked the hypothetical question, “If you’re at a bus stop and you see your friends in the front seat AND back seat of a car, which seat do you chose?” Rebecca Black answers that question by selecting back seat in the middle, which in all my years of riding in cars is the most undesirable seat. In any event, yes it’s Friday. And after a weekend series that stretched into the traditional work week, about half the front office took vacation to enjoy a three-day weekend.

The majority of the Ticket Operations Department is in, however. We’re busy with the important everyday duties like answering mail, email, and phone calls, as well as thinking ahead to the upcoming homestand and beyond. We’re even thinking so far in advance to the July series against Anaheim, which we’re affectionately calling “’80s Weekend.” That’s Saturday, July 16, featuring a Doubleheader (“2 Games, 1 Price”), and Sunday, July 17, MC Hammer Bobblehead Day with staff and fans encouraged to dress like the 1980’s. The Ticket Services phone room has a running list on the wall of potential ‘80s ideas for accessories, hairstyle, and clothing. If only we could spin a triple wheel. A fanny pack with side pony tail and acid wash jeans? That’ll look awful. So yes, please! Ticket Services Representative Andrew Bleaken informs us that he’s working on a mullet right now. Be sure to ask Andrew about his soon-to-be business-up-top, party-on-the-sides hairstyle when you see him in the Ticket Services Office.

Spend a few minutes this Friday afternoon planning your ‘80s Weekend outfit. It’s Halloween come early, and potentially more scary.