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Turn Back The Clock… Again

Reflecting on the 2009 season we recalled that we forgot to post the Turn Back The Clock photos from Sunday, August 16. You made it out, right? Good. So you remember the 1929 uniforms the A’s and White Stockings donned? You even picked up your own giveaway replica A’s 1929 jersey and you’re wearing it right now? Sweet! We had a laugh over the nicknames given to players on Diamond Vision, the old mic that Dick Callahan used to introduce players from behind home plate, and the many fans and employees that got into the action of partying like it’s 1929 (pre-Depression).    



The band played. We danced the Charleston.  



The Ticket Services Office enjoys the game.  


A Season Ticket Holder, dressed to impress, visits the Ticket Services Office.



The grounds crew drags the field in 1929 shirts and hats.



The Philadelphia Athletics are World Series Champions, deafeating the Chicago Cubs.



Ticket Services gets in on the act.  



Now what the heck is an “Internet”?!?!



(Photos copyright Travis LoDolce)  

2010 Schedule & Info at oaklandathletics.com/2010

We’ve been busy. Very busy. Did you see this news today?… Oakland Athletics Unveils 2010 Schedule. And just as import… Team Also Announces Season Ticket Pricing will be Reduced an Average of 10% Next Year. Told you we’ve been busy. With the continued help of Major League Baseball and our Marketing Producer, Adam, we built an E-Brochure for all 2010 ticketing news at oaklandathletics.com/2010. This is a one stop shop for everything tickets throughout the offseason. When season ticket plan renewals are ready, you’ll find the link available on that page. When parking can be purchased, you’ll find it there. Have a Fielder’s Choice Plan and want to pick the games online? You know where you can eventually find it. Visit oaklandathletics.com/2010 now and throughout the offseason. Right now, it’s the best resource for 2010 game schedule, ticket plan game dates, and ticket plan pricing. Reduced pricing, don’t forget, as season ticket pricing will drop an average of 10%. As Jim Leahey, A’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, states, “We recognize that the economic environment continues to be difficult. Given that reality, we will continue to do everything we can to make our product as affordable as possible. As our exciting young group of players develops into a contending team, we want to reward fans who make the commitment to be a part of that growth. Our 10% season ticket price decrease is another example of our efforts to make A’s baseball accessible, affordable, and value-driven. That value will be even more meaningful to fans given the attractive schedule in 2010.”


That attractive schedule includes two visits each by the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, along with a visit from the cross-bay San Francisco Giants. Not too shabby.  


Let us know if you have any questions about the 2010 season and your season ticket plan. We can be reached at the Season Ticket Holder Hotline at (510) 568-5600, via email at tickets@oaklandathletics.com, in the Ticket Services Office, or simply post a note in this blog forum. We’re always happy to help.         


Spread the Love

We recently read the nice notes about Ticket Services in a thread on athleticsnation.com. Much appreciated. We’re definitely letting it go to our heads. No really, we’re always happy to help.

As you may have noticed the home schedule is a bit heavy in August and September. We hope you’re enjoying the increased offensive production since the All-Star Break. Off the field, we have a lot to do in Ticket Services these days as we continue strong in 2009 as well as look forward to 2010. 

Keep the compliments coming! We look forward to assisting you.  


Tweet Tweet Tweedilly-Tweet

“Rockin’ Robin” of a past generation popularized “Tweets.” Nowadays “Tweets” are less about Bobby Day and more about the online social networking site Twitter.com. It’s difficult to avoid the discussion about and references to Twitter. Your kids are probably Tweeting, a mass of celebrities are Tweeting… are you Tweeting? A “Tweet” is a status update on the Twitter.com microbloging site that allows publishing no more than 140 characters per post. Everything from world views to how many times a user blinked in the past minute are posted… just has to be short and sweet. It’s a quick and easy way to stay connected with those you like and/or admire. And why do we write about Twitter in the A’s Ticket Services blog? Because we’ve taken the plunge too!  


Actually, A’s Ticket Services has been active on Twitter for almost a year. Our first post was June 25, 2008. Trend setters anyone? We’ve certainly been more active this season, what with Twitter’s increasing popularity. Our handle is ticketservices and you can find us at twitter.com/ticketservices. On Twitter we hold contests, ask and answer A’s questions, and provide updates on A’s news- mostly from a ticket perspective. The occasional ticket discount offer- or “tweet deals”- pops up too.


There are actually two official Twitter sites for the Oakland A’s. ticketservices and OaklandAs. Each account is updated by a different department at the A’s so you’ll get a different perspective from both. A great place to ask A’s related questions too. Hope you follow. Hope you enjoy. Rock on. Tweet, Tweet, Tweedilly-Tweet!    


Deadline Day

A friendly reminder… today is the final day to guarantee your reserved seat location for the 2009 A’s baseball season. Renew your A’s ticket plan today to ensure you receive the commemorative ticket stock which arrives bound in a booklet featuring all of your season tickets (another year of the commemorative tickets looking great!). 

Accounts that renew online receive free MLB.com Gameday Audio! That’s right, FREE. Beginning in March, this premium package provides audio internet access to every game of the 2009 regular season plus select Spring Training games. 

Purchasing your A’s Season Tickets has never been easier. To access your My A’s Tickets account to renew online, simply visit My A’s Tickets and enter your account number and password. 

Give us a ring at Ticket Services at (510) 568-5680 or drop us a note with any questions. Can you believe Spring Training games begin is less than one week? Play ball! 

New Ticket Employees: Buck, Eveland, Sweeney

Late last week A’s Ticket Services received a visit from three faces more familiar with the field than the phones. A’s outfielders Travis Buck and Ryan Sweeney and pitcher Dana Eveland dropped by to call A’s Season Ticket Holders. 

The guys were great! Full of smiles and good nature they called out to ticket holders and thanked them for being fans. Dana Eveland was especially joyous upon renewing a Season Ticket plan. We’ll keep a seat warm for Eveland once he’s completed his 20 year career as an A’s starting pitcher. 

A big “thank you” to the players for helping us with our efforts. Check out the photos below to see the guys in action. 


(Photos copyright Travis LoDolce) 


Tower Of Power released an album in 1974 titled ‘Back to Oakland’, so we certainly understand if you spin this album over the next few days with the announcement of Jason Giambi’s return to the A’s in 2009. The Ticket Office was abuzz yesterday after the press conference with high-fives and phone calls. The excitement was not limited to just this office; the idea of the 2000 MVP and five time All-Star back in green and gold thrills many throughout the front office. Optimism is equally high. The recent acquisition of perennial All-Star Matt Holliday, coupled with the maturation of several younger players, will make the A’s an exciting and competitive team to contend for the 2009 AL West title. 


Season Ticket Holders can renew ticket plans online at oaklandathletics.com/2009. Individual game tickets go on sale January 24. Please reach out to Ticket Services if you have any questions.

A’s to Invoices “Yer OUT!”

A month of preparation arrived with invoices hitting the post office this afternoon. Yes, renewal invoices were mailed out to all 2008 Season Ticket Holders packed full of 2009 ticket info goodness. You will find a ticket brochure, information regarding Early Bird renewal, a letter from A’s President Michael Crowley, Fielder’s Choice plan game selection form (for guests with said plan), and- of course- your 2009 renewal invoice. Prices did not increase from 2008 ticket costs. You can renew via mail by using the included return envelope, or you can phone us at (510) 568-5600. Online renewal is an option through your My A’s Tickets account. Haven’t used My A’s Tickets? It’s simple. Login using your Season Ticket account number. Your initial password is your account Zip Code. Visit the “To Do” page and renew online. You’re done in minutes. Online renewal reaps the added reward of complimentary MLB.com Gameday Audio. Beginning in March accounts will receive a registration email from MLB.com. Renew your account for the 2009 season by December 5, 2008 to qualify for Early Bird benefits. This season we introduce a Season Ticket Holder Sweepstakes offering trips to the All-Star Game in St. Louis and the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Cooperstown, New York. Seriously, Cooperstown! We hear a certain stolen base king is on the ballot this year.


Can Ticket Services answer any ticket related questions for you? We have a hotline- (510) 568-5600. We have an email- tickets@oaklandathletics.com. Or just post in the comments below. 


We’re excited for 2009 already. Reading various post-season publications the A’s farm system is raved about, a wealth of pitchers and some interesting hitters. Coupled with some of the young men in the bigs who gained experience in 2008, future seasons already generate a buzz. Reminds a few of us of the 1998 and 1999 seasons. How’d we do in the new millennium?



Improving Customer Service

Yesterday afternoon the A’s Ticket Services staff and Box Office Manager traveled into San Francisco for a BAPTA organized event titled “Spirit In Service.” BAPTA is Bay Area Professional Ticketing Association. Numerous venues in the Bay Area are members of BAPTA including symphonies, theater venues, and- among professional sport teams- the A’s, Giants, and Warriors. 

The “Spirit In Service” professional development seminar was created and hosted by special guest Holly Stiel. Stiel is a professional speaker and author with 17 years customer service experience as a hotel concierge in San Francisco. Stiel’s enthusiasm and experience were immediately obvious as she engaged the room with anecdotes, reflections, costumes, and activities. 

A’s Ticket Operations attempts to provide stellar services to all guests. We hope you agree. A recent survey administered by the A’s Marketing Department revealed that Season Ticket Holders “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” that Ticket Services representatives are courteous, clearly explain plan options, and assist with ticket needs in a timely manner. We believe, though, that we can improve. 

We can control our service in Ticket Services. We can control our service on the telephone hotline. We are unable to control results between the foul lines. That makes Stiel’s presentation so important to us. We want to continuously improve our professionalism and improve your experience with us. We hope that you enjoy every experience at the A’s and find it easy and comfortable communicating with A’s Ticket Services. 

Comments? Questions? Please let us know. We are here to help. Thanks. 

A Message About The Blog

As the team on the field continues to evolve and put the pieces into place for what we hope will ultimately lead to multiple championships in the near future, the Ticket Services Office is also redefining ourselves in order to better serve our valued fans. To provide our most loyal customers with the experiences they truly desire we have set up a Ticket Services Blog. The Blog is designed to streamline communication between the Ticket Staff and fans. We will post topics, respond to questions, listen to feedback, and address comments about the complete gameday experience. We will utilize fan feedback in order to better serve you while at the ballpark. A transparent Ticket Services Office not only benefits fans, but also helps our office better cater to your changing needs.

Another benefit of the Blog is that you will be given the opportunity to learn more about why certain decisions are made and whom the individuals are that service you in the Ticket Office. We have developed personal relationships with many of you over the years and treasure those interactions with our fans and “friends.” We would love the opportunity to get to know even more of our season ticket holders in that same personal fashion. It is our organizational philosophy that in order to make Oakland A’s Baseball the best experience, we need to keep many lines of communication open. This is “Our Team” and together we can make the Oakland A’s gameday experience a memorable one.

If you are not quite ready to join us on the Blog, please remember that we would love to speak with you by phone, in person at the Ticket Services Office, through e-mail, and will continue to read your letters in the mail. We look forward to growing our relationship and providing you, the fan, with value and excitement for your entertainment dollar. Thank you for your support.


Steve Fanelli
Senior Director of Ticket Operations